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Picked up my truck this morning at  A&R autiBody it looks perfect as usual !!  Nicole was a great help thanks everybody for great service

Bob Gauthier

Robert Gauthier
United States

Since becoming a licensed driver in 1996, I have had my fair share of scratches, dents, fender-benders and even, most recently, a major accident (vehicle being a total loss). I have relied on A&R for all of my auto body needs. They manage the process from the beginning to the end, remaining open with communication and guidance, but nonetheless, allowing me to make the decisions. They will help you navigate the insurance companies and inform you of your rights as a consumer. Over the years, my vehicles have been returned to me in a timely manner, looking just like I drove them off the car lot! The staff is beyond professional, the repair shop and yard is neat and clean and the office is inviting. I also think it's important to add that A&R gives back to the community and treats their customers as friends. I would highly recommend A&R to anyone who finds themselves in need of repair. 

Thank you Randy, Joann, Nicole & the guys for your efficient work, reliability and friendliness. This is truly a reputable business. 

Melissa Sokolik
Winchester, CT

There are no words to describe how pleased and thankful we are for the excellent customer service at A & R. They had my car fixed within 3 days and I got it back with the best detail job I have ever received! They went above and beyond were very efficent and professional with everything  Nicole was so friendly and helpful and kept in contact with me throughout the process of my car being repaired. Travis was very professional as well and he also kept in contact with me and updated me on everything. I can't thank you all enough for everything and will definitely be returning for any car issues in the future! 


I can't be more thankful to A and R Autobody for the fantastic job they did with my car.  Nicole and Travis, specifically, helped make this process smooth and easy.  They managed everything from working witht he insurance and rental companies to keeping me updated with the progress of repairs to my car.  There is no evidence of any damage and they cleaned the car beautifully inside and out.  If anyone asks for a recommendation I will surely say A and R. 

Kerry Mosher

I brought my car to the crew at A&R for damage to a Brand New 2016 Elantra which was hit from behind when it was parked a month before my wedding. I can't express how happy I am with the quality of work. The car looks beautiful, I couldn't ask for anything more from them. They helped me thru every aspect from dealing with the insurance company, to leaving my rental car there for pickup. The work was done quickly and I am ecstatic with how good the car looks, and all of this was complete before the wedding taking a load of stress out of the picture. They have also assured me that their work is guaranteed as long as I own the vehicle which only sets my mind at ease. Thank you so much to everyone at A&R who helped put this horrible situation behind me. I would have never expected this would have happened to me but the great people at A&R will always have my deepest respect for what they did to get me back on the road in such a quick and professional manner. Thanks again guys...I dont know what I would have done without you!

Aaron Cremasco

Thank you A and R for the great service. Nicole and Travis are extremely helpful and friendly. My car looks brand new. I would recommend them without hesitation. Thank you A and R.  

Kathie Reese
United States

excellent service by NICOLE &TRAVIS 

the repair was done excellent top quality work wont go any where else


harwinton ct

My car was hit in the parking lot at work. Fortunately, the individual responsible owned up to the accident. I went straight to A & R...Nicole guided me through the whole process in a prompt and professional manner. It was comforting to have someone knowledgable to rely on to get straight answers and keep the process moving. Nicole handeled the claim process, dealt with the adjuster, scheduled the repair and a rental car for me. I picked up my car last week & it looks fabulous. Thank you A & R!


Based on a friend's recommentdation I went to A & R after I dinged up my car's fender.  Travis and Nicole were most helpful in dealing with the appraiser, insurance company, rental car agent and in general just took charge to make what I feared would be a hassle turn out smoothly.  To further prove my point, Travis was nice enough to come in Sat. over Memorial Day weekend to enable me to pick up my car.

I hope I do not need them in the future (no more accidents) but I would certainly recommend them to someone who does need their services.

Thanks again guys.


Dan Pappalardo
Goshen, CT


My experience working with Travis and Nicole was excellent.  I drove in with concerns and questions.  They were all answered and resolved to everyone's satisfaction.  There is nothing worse than dealing with an adjuster and insurance company that does not take the time to learn all the facts in a given situation.  My vehicle looks great, and you both resolved everything professionally and in a timely manner.  I drove away with a car that looks BRAND NEW once again.  I would not hesitate to recommend A&R AUTOBODY to anyone who needs their vehicle fixed.

Say no to a dent,

and GO to A&R!

Thanks again for everything!

Judi Santoro


Judi Santoro

Thsee guys are great! They came highly recommended and I will continue to recommend them too!!! Thank you A&R - you're the best!

Danbury Eye Physicians
Torrington CT

My vehicle was recently hit and I brought it into A and R for repair. From the moment I stepped in the door I was treated professionally by Nicole and a follow-up with Randy and the insurance company was made easy. I appreciate not only the great service but the vehicle was repaired to perfection. Thank you to Randy and his team I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a professional auto body shop.




Nick Guerriero - Torrington

Nick Guerriero

i had an accident and was not at fault. Randy, Travis, and Nicole took care of everything including the rental care, and transportation and communication with dealer and tire company.My car was repaired with the utmost care and perfection. I did not experience any inconveniences whatsoever. It was completed in a timely fashion and looks like the day I purchased it brand new!!!! I would highly recommend A and R to anyone. They really cares about satisfying their customers!!!

Dee Cusati

The first time I was in an accident was back in the late 1980's.  Randy and the A & R team have been my #1 go to company for the past 30 years!  While I consider myself a safe driver, I have been hit six times over the past 30 years.  I keep on driving knowing that A & R is there for me.  They will walk you step-by-step through the process of getting your car repaired and will work with the insurance companies with YOUR best interest.  All the while, their staff is knowledgeable, professional, and polite.  I highly recommend A & R and would not go anywhere else for auto body work.

Christine Rosa

A & R Autobody, without a doubt, is THE place to take your car if you have been in an accident - especially if the accident wasn't your fault.  My car was parked on the side of a main road, in a metered spot.  While I was in the store, my car was rear-ended by someone who hit the gas pedal instead of the brake.....and my car was shoved forward an entire parking spot.  Needless to say, there was far more than cosmetic damage.  I went straight to A & R and they looked at my car while I waited and recommended that I not drive it.  They helped me with a rental car, helped me get the proper damage assessment (saving me a lot less hassle), and repaired my car completely.  It took quite a while, and the other driver's insurance company was somewhat difficult to deal with, but A & R did not take any shortcuts - they fixed my car the way it should have been fixed, and really made a difficult process easy for me.  When they say they take care of the customer....A & R is not kidding.  They definitely do.  And their work is high quality. I wouldn't go anywhere else.  Thank you, A & R Autobody.


I have had the unique experience of utilizing A&R's services three times in a 3 month period. One car was rear-ended and another car was hit twice in my workplace parking lot. So it's safe to say that I am VERY familiar with A&R Auto Body! Their skill at car repairs is as good as it gets; all three repairs were done in  a timely manner and the results were outstanding. But even their skill at car repair doesn't outshine their friendly service and professionalism. Randy and his team know the business inside and out and certainly knows how to handle the insurance companies! No car is going to come out of that shop with anything but the very best parts and looking better than new. And it's always safety first with A&R. I put my complete trust in this company and recommend them highly to anyone who may need a car repair, from a scratch to a front end collision -- there is no better place to have your car brought back to life!

Beth Murphy



Beth Murphy
United States

I need to take a minute and just say thank you ! I pulled into your shop after an accident Travis did not hesitate to look at the car for me and talk to me about damage even though it was closing time and when I called in the morning to schedule my fix again Nicole and Travis were top knotch - I havd nothing but professional service the entire 3 weeks my repairs were under way. These guys handle every step of the claim from the rental to the wash and detail. My car looked brand new when I picked it up. I have used this shop before and will never trust another - the workmanship and professionalism and customerservice far exceed anyones expectations. 

Great Job to all of you and thank you for being there. 



Jen Hamm
United States
South Egremont

My experience with A&R reminds me of my favorite state line sign in Maine, which reads, "The Way Life Should Be."  A&R is an example of "How Business Should Be Conducted."

My experience with Randy and Travis could not have been more pleasant or professional.  They presented me with two different repair options.  I spoke with them in person (Randy) and via email (Travis), and their kindness and level of customer service were truly unparalleled.  A&R wants to cultivate and nurture reationships with its current and future customers, and they're doing it exactly right.   I will recommend you without reservation to anyone I encounter who needs auto body work.  God forbid I need your services again, but if i do, I will feel like I am returning to friends. Thank you!

M. Rein

I was the unfortunate recipient of a moron on his cell phone while pulling out from a store into oncoming traffic, and never looked up, that is until his car impacted mine, otherwise he was looking down at his cell phone, even as he pulled out.   I own what is called by Jeep (and tagged as such) as a "Restricted Production Jeep", meaning that they didn't even make enough of them to call them limited.   Less than 3,000 were made, and 1/2 of those were taken up by Jeep personnel.  That left about 1,500 to be allowed to be sold over the entire USA.  I was very concerned about who would be working on it, as it's a prototype vehicle, and would be all but impossible to replace. It was made with many inovative things, not the least of which is a 9 speaker sub woofer surround sound, sound system, designed by "Boston Accustics Sound Laboratories at MIT", and that's just a small fraction of what this Jeep has.  I bought it brand new in 2012.    It's a "Jeep Compass Altitude", which at the time "Altitude" meant no options could be removed or added, and it came in just one color. Black, on Black, on Black, with 10 spoke 18" Black wheels.  To go on about all else in it would take some time, but my point is, I was very concerned about who was going to work on it, and the quality of the workmenship.  The damage wasn't such that it was in danger of being totaled, but involved the front, and back door, and rear quarter panel.

I had had some minor additions added to it, and it was done by these guys at A&R before this accident, so I went to Randy, who saw my concern, and guied me as I went through the process, and even arraged for me to have a replacement vehicle (everything paid for by other persons insurance) while he had my Specialized Jeep.  Upon going to get it, I was more than pleased with the quality of work, as it looked as if nothing had been done, even upon very close inspection.

I would recomend A&R to anyone who wants quality work, and I will never take any of my vehicle anywhere else when this kind of work is needed.

AWESOME JOB, with AWESOME concern and cutomer service, and courtesy.

Dave DiFederico Sr

If workmanship and service mean anything to you, use Aand R Autobody! No other establishment compares!

Ruth Amutice
New Hartford

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