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I was the unfortunate recipient of a moron on his cell phone while pulling out from a store into oncoming traffic, and never looked up, that is until his car impacted mine, otherwise he was looking down at his cell phone, even as he pulled out.   I own what is called by Jeep (and tagged as such) as a "Restricted Production Jeep", meaning that they didn't even make enough of them to call them limited.   Less than 3,000 were made, and 1/2 of those were taken up by Jeep personnel.  That left about 1,500 to be allowed to be sold over the entire USA.  I was very concerned about who would be working on it, as it's a prototype vehicle, and would be all but impossible to replace. It was made with many inovative things, not the least of which is a 9 speaker sub woofer surround sound, sound system, designed by "Boston Accustics Sound Laboratories at MIT", and that's just a small fraction of what this Jeep has.  I bought it brand new in 2012.    It's a "Jeep Compass Altitude", which at the time "Altitude" meant no options could be removed or added, and it came in just one color. Black, on Black, on Black, with 10 spoke 18" Black wheels.  To go on about all else in it would take some time, but my point is, I was very concerned about who was going to work on it, and the quality of the workmenship.  The damage wasn't such that it was in danger of being totaled, but involved the front, and back door, and rear quarter panel.

I had had some minor additions added to it, and it was done by these guys at A&R before this accident, so I went to Randy, who saw my concern, and guied me as I went through the process, and even arraged for me to have a replacement vehicle (everything paid for by other persons insurance) while he had my Specialized Jeep.  Upon going to get it, I was more than pleased with the quality of work, as it looked as if nothing had been done, even upon very close inspection.

I would recomend A&R to anyone who wants quality work, and I will never take any of my vehicle anywhere else when this kind of work is needed.

AWESOME JOB, with AWESOME concern and cutomer service, and courtesy.

Dave DiFederico Sr

If workmanship and service mean anything to you, use Aand R Autobody! No other establishment compares!

Ruth Amutice
New Hartford

My wife was involved in a rear end accident. (on the car guys) We have been to A&R before and knew of their excellent work/service. Randy is fighting for us, the consumer. He handled the insurance Co. totally and professionally. He was out for our best interest. Aquired a 4 X 4 rental truck for us and was thourough with his explaination of what the sequence would be. Vehicle was ready when promised and looked like new. It don't get any better thab that!

Douglas R Carrier
Carrier Consulting
West Hartland

Yes, that is how I felt after picking up my 2014 Forester from A & R Autobody!  During this terrible winter of 2014/2015 I was backing my vehicle into the driveway and went right into the fence post.  Well, the bumper was ruined along with damage to the lights and some damage to the quarter panel.  I was hardly moving but it was quite a mess. A & R gave me an estimate and then worked with my insurance company after the first inspection.  Unfortunately I did not have rental on my insurance but A & R said they would put my vehicle on a fast track to get the repairs done as quickly as possible.  I had my doubts worrying that they might be making promises they could not keep.  BUT let me tell you they kept every promise and I did indeed feel like a princess with the treatment I was given.  Thank you A & R for taking such good care of me.  My Forester looks wonderful.  The workmanship is perfection.  

Elfriede Fieldman
United States

I picked up my car yesterday and it looks beautiful.  This was after many phone calls and check-ins with the owner and his staff.  They put me at ease during this stressful few weeks of my life and made it not as bad as it could have been.  I had to get new tires, and they negotiated with a tire company on my behalf, picked up the tires, and paid the tire company up front.  A&R really made me feel like they cared and valued my business and I would 100% go back there if I ever find the unfortunate need to.  These feelings are very contrary to the feelings I have felt as a single woman in the past working with the auotomotive business sector.  I appreciated how I was treated very much.  Thank you.


I've been driving for over 33 years and was recently in my 1st accident where another driver drove into my car, so this was my first time dealing with an automotive insurance claim and auto body shop.  My car is a 2002 Toyota that is in mint condition with low miles, and I was not sure it could be saved.  I'm a very detail orientated person with high expectations when it comes to workmanship and quality (I notice the minor defects and imperfections that do not bother most people).  A&R was recommended by my father's cousin who also likes things done right, and having seen the work of a few other auto body shops in the area I decided to try A&R not knowing what to expect.  I met the team and they were very friendly, courteous, customer focused (excellent customer service), and very knowledgeable (from both a repair point of view and dealing with the insurance company appraisers).  Randy and the A&R team were able to save the car and the workmanship was outstanding!  The newly painted areas are a perfect match and and the car was returned in showroom condition.  I would not hesitate to recommend A&R, and although I hope to never need an auto body shop again if I do I will definitely go to A&R.  After dealing with the A&R team I feel that they are honest and that you will not be disappointed, which is why I took the time from my busy schedule to write this review.  I'm glad I used A&R!


I have worked in the automotive industry for 25 years and know a quality shop when I see one. Randy and his crew have have repaired my 1992 pickup twice in the last year and have done the same quality work that they would do repairing a brand new vehicle. The vehicle was returned clean and on time. I would never consider taking my vehicles anywhere else.

Ron Plevyak

My vehicle was seriously damaged in a rear ender recently. When Randy and his crew were finished with repairs you would never know that anything had happened.  The staff is very kind and courteous


and go out of their way to serve the customer........not a terribly common practice in today's business world. This facility is as clean as a whistle and I would highly recommend them to anyone.  Thanks for a


job well done A & R. 


I can't believe there is another auto body shop within a hundred miles of here (if THAT close) where one could find better, more professional service. Your staff is absolutely the best.

Ed Parsons
Barkhamsted, CT

A&R Autobody did a perfect job on the repair of my 2010 Honda CRV!  I really appreciated very much their interest in assuring that my repair was completed with original equipment manufacturer (Honda) parts, and it was clear, at the outset, that they were intent on doing this repair the right way.  They provided superlative service, and my car looks as good a new.  I would recommend them enthusiastically.

J. Bryan Simmons
Simmons Advisors, LLC

the repairs on my 2010 toyota prius were exceptional, meticulously done    the car looks like new   front dest assistance and processing were professional and courteous    i wouldn't hesitate to recommend A & R Autobody!

karl mason

I can't say enough about the great customer service, professionalism and superior autobody work done on my Mazda recently.  After my parked car was hit in my parking lot at work, I went to A&R (only had heard their radio commercials) and found that they are exactly as they advertise themselves to be.  The entire staff - Nicole, Randy and JoAnn - took care of every detail from the rental car, insurance negotiations through to the completion of the repair - which looks fabulous!  My car looks like new!  Thanks so much everyone at A&R.  You made a potential difficult experience into a very pleasant one.


Kris Durante



I have been going to A&R since I was 19 years old  I'm 31now. They are very honest and trustworthy I will never go anywhere else. They go out of their way to make sure that you are satisfied. They are such a delight to work with. I recommend them hands down 100 times over.

Ambyr Domonell
Mirror Mirror beauty specialists


Nicole and team are wonderful!  They answered all of my questions, kept me updated on the progress of the work being performed, and finished the job faster than I expected.  Their hospitality and professionalism exceeded my expectations and my car looked brand new (better than it has looked in years!) when finished.  I highly recommend A&R to anyone in need of a trusted auto body shop; I would go back in a heartbeat if necessary.  Thank you so much!

Heather Costa
Torrington, CT

I may not have had work done on my car here but I would like to thank you very much for hospitality. I was in the Winsted/Torrington area visting the DMV and needed a copy of my insurance card printed in order to accomplish what I needed to at the DMV. I'm not from the area so I didn't know how close the nearest staples or kinkos shop was to print this out. I stopped at the first commercial buisness I came across (this shop) and they printed the information I needed with a smile. Everyone in the shop was very friendly and saved the day for me. Thank you very much one last time!


Nicole and team. Thank you so much for treating us like family. You did an excellent job. You will definitely get a recommendation from me.

Thanks again.

Jim Russo.

Jim Russo

From start to finish I was involved with the A & R Team to be assured that My vehicle was in good hands. Upon completion it was as if no damage ever had happened. I was totally and completly satisfied and would go back in a flash like Crash does.   The team is great, Hands down

Bill La Tulipe
JRL Associates LLC


                               THANK YOU AGAIN NANCY AND DON MATTIE      

Hard working people who are out for the customers best interest.  Would highly recommend!


this is the only autobody shop i would trust to do my truck.these guys are the best, my truck was in real bad shape they made it look like new again. the paint matched perfect, no rattles going down the road. top notch shop, thanks ,randy and gang.darren landi

darren landi
redline powersports

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