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Protect your interests and sign with A&R for your accident repairs. They represent YOU, not the insurance company and will ensure that the repairs to your vehicle are done right with good quality parts. When my vehicle was rear-ended, the other guys insurance company aggressively tried to steer me to their "preferred" repair facility. When I insisted on using A&R (at the strong recommendation of my mechanic), they then said that I had to at least get the damage estimate done at their facility. This is a common tactic so they can low-ball the estimate and save themselves money. DON'T FALL FOR IT! Contact A&R and have them act on your behalf. They are honest, a pleasure to work with, and their work is first rate.

Andrew B

Thank you A&R Auto Body! Repairs were done quickly, you handled all of my insurance issues AND when I picked up my car it was clean and shiny! The car looks as good as new! I appreciate your guidance through the whole process! Great job!

Jennifer Parsons

The staff at A&R have truly been a pleasure to work with. This is our second time utilizing their expertise in auto body work this year. When an appraiser asks if we have a particular shop to use when A&R is mentioned-they have said they are good and very thorough folks and like working with them as well. Will certainly recommend them 110% to anyone who is in need. Thank you!!

Nick & Patty Zabbara

Great work on my car!! Very Honest and knowledgable about every step of the process not just the repairs...You were very helpful throughout this process I really appreciate it... I would definitely come back and recommend this company to friends and family. Thank you and GREAT work !!!!


In praise of the work done to restore my car to as-beautiful-as-before-it-was-hit-by-a-deer condition as timely as was possible, I have great appreciation for A&R Auto body and the excellent work that they do. In particular, I have very special appreciation for Nat LaPlante, Service Specialist and general go-to person who helped me with every step and kept me in the loop when necessary. His willingness to stay with me until every last question was answered (several times) and every last item was tended to, and his incredible knowledge of my vehicle is an asset not only as liaison but also to the thoroughness and quality of service that is provided by A&R.

Janet K Marks

My car was hit on Main St in Torrington, by an honest driver who left a note to call him, because he been forced into the back quarter panel of my car. I had never had anything like this happen before, but, had used A & R on another occasion. Without hesitation, I stopped by and spoke to Joanne as to how to proceed. She guided me in the steps to take with the insurance company, and wrote up an estimate, and even contacted the gentleman for me. I knew this was the best place to go to get the job done right, the work is always perfect, and the people are always professional...and Thanks for the goodies left in my car, that was a nice surprise!


I have been using A&R for a number of years. While I wish having to have these repairs wasn't necessary, I would not go anywhere else. The customer service and the quality of the repairs are better than anywhere else I have dealt with. I know that when I get my car back that it is at least as good as before the accident. I recommend them to everyone I know that needs this type of service.

Richard Mahoney

A Professional Place when you are in need of HONEST and Trustworthy WORK! Everyone at A & R made us feel Confident that our car would get the Original Parts and be put back EXACTLY if not BETTER than before the Accident. Thank You again for being there when we NEEDED You!
Al & Sharon

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