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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I call a claim into my insurance company? 
If you cause damage to someone else’s vehicle or property, call right away.  If you caused damage only to your vehicle, good idea to get an estimate first before you call to see if the damage Is less than, close to or more than your deductible.  The law does not obligate you to call your insurer if the damage was only to your property. 

When and where is my deductible paid?
It is paid when your car is repaired and is paid to the body shop.  Deductibles are written into your policy in various amounts to stop insurers from having to be bothered processing small damage claims.

If I accept a check from the insurance company for damages to my vehicle, is that the end?  Do I have to find a body shop that will do the repairs for that amount?  
No... Absolutely not.  The insurer sends someone to view your damage to ESTIMATE the damage.  An ESTIMATE is a guess, not the amount that it will cost to do the repairs.  Many factors determine the actual cost of the repair, such as hidden damages that cannot be seen until the vehicle is taken apart, changes in parts prices and availability and more.

Do I have a choice where my car will be fixed?
Absolutely, IT'S YOUR CAR!  Choose a repair shop on reputation.  See what you hear from friends, relatives and co-workers.  They'll tell you who's been good to them and also who may have been bad. 

The insurance company makes it sound like I'm making a mistake by not going to a shop they like, Am I?
No.  The insurer owes you money; they are not your friend, relative or co-worker.  They don't even like you.  Their job, when you have a claim, is to pay as little as possible.  They only "like" a body shop that will save them money. And the body shop "likes" the insurer because they push work their way.   Do you want to be their pawn?  Is that who you want fixing your car?  Is that who you want watching out for your best interest?

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